Pre- Owned Machinery


Rental Benefits: 

  • Faster availability of automatic or semi-automatic packaging machinery.

  • Return the equipment: when you've completed a project, or purchase it at any time, 10% of the monthly payments will be credited towards your purchase as equity.

  • Set to sizeOur team of professional technicians service the unit, and will test with your personal samples before shipping.

  • Installation and training: Our team will integrate or install the equipment at your facility, perform the start up process and train your personnel. 

Reconditioned Machinery Rental Programs

 Arrrow Packaging Machinery will purchase and pick up your excess equipment in the following ways:



  • Consignment- we will store and market your equipment.

  • Cash on hand- we will promptly remove all your excess equipment.



  • Turn Tables  

  • Electronic Counters

  • Slat Counters

  • Cottoners

  • Liquid Fillers

  • Powder Fillers

  • Metal Detectors​      


Kalish 4-channel electronic counter

20200924_122716 (1).jpg
Tablet/ Capsule counter
website 9.jpg
website 10.jpg
Automatic Encapsulator: Capsule filler by HJ.
website 12.jpg
website 11.jpg
Vibratory Scale and Counter
Newer condition

Loading, Accumulation and Collection Turn Tables

Loading and unloading tables.jpg
Vibratory Bag-filler/Scale
Conveyor Systems

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