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Full line Integration

Approved CVC dealer/integrator

cvc unscrambler.jpg

The CVC 1263 Bottle Unscrambler is designed to automatically feed bottles from a bin and place them upright onto a conveyor at speeds of up to 80 bottles per minute.

The CVC 1263 is built on a Siemens control system including a HMI panel, optional air bottle rinser

The CVC 1103H Pouch Desiccant Inserter is a compact highly cost-effective means to insert desiccants or oxygen absorbents into a variety of bottles and containers. The system cuts packets from a roll and inserts them into containers at speeds of up to 230 bottles per minute.


The CVC 1103H is Siemens PLC controlled with servo motor. Options include 3-color stack light and feed screw for higher speed applications.

cvc desicant inserter.jpg
kremer counter.jpg

The CVC1620 Electronic Channel Counter is designed for high speed, highly accurate counting of tablets, capsules, and soft gels. The machine comes standard with an automatic dust compensation system, dual vacuum ports, product count verification, and reject.

The 1620 can be setup to run one bottle using all 16 channels or two bottles using 8 channels for each bottle. Options include touch screen industrial PC, hopper level control with tower Lamp, upside down bottle sensor, static eliminator bar, channel blocker, and floor loaded pre feeder.

The CVC 1117 Series of Cotton Inserter is designed to insert polyester, rayon, or cotton coil into containers at speeds up to up to 80 bottles per minute.


The CVC 1117P is Siemens PLC driven and Servo Motor controlled. Options include tower lamp, missing cotton in bottle detection, reject, and reject verification. The cotton piece length can be set from 70mm to 150mm. It can place from 1-10 inserts per bottles.

cvc cottoner.jpg
CVC-1205 capper.jpg

The CVC 1205 Capper is a very flexible machine, designed to apply and tighten screw-on caps on to containers at rates of up to 120 bottles per minute.


The CVC 1205 is Siemens PLC controlled. Options include tower lamp, hopper level control, cap inspection (level cap, foil seal, and no cap), reject, and reject verification.

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